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bob (maciek) muran  authorized biography



Bob Muran is an internationally recognized professional skier and pro ski coach. He is a former full-time Level 4 examiner with the Professional Ski Instructors of America where he served not only on the Board of Examiners but also on the selection committee in charge of promoting professional examiners to higher levels. Bob is also a former Level 3 trainer with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance where he has been a proud member for over 40 years. In addition, he also served as a Level 2 racing coach and trainer for the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation where he has also been a proud member for over 40 years. A former member of the Polish National Junior Alpine Ski Team, with over 50 years of combined skiing and coaching experience, Bob Muran is regarded as an expert in the sport of skiing by his students and colleagues as well as many professional skiers and coaches around the world.



Bob at the 2010 Polish International Winter Games in Zakopane, Poland where he took home 3 Silver Medals.



Bob competing at the 2008 Ontario Masters Championships in Collingwood, Ontario.



Bob Training at Big White, B.C. for the upcoming National Masters Championships at Sun Peaks, B.C.



Bob competing at the Molson Canadian Masters where he won a total of 14 Medals (9 Gold) between 1985 and 1986.



Bob competing at the Canadian National Championship in Whistler, British Columbia.

Bob has truly devoted his life to skiing. He has taught skiing, managed skiing schools and operated various ski resorts in Canada and the United States. Over his 40 year teaching and coaching career, Bob's students have included Mark and Nelson Rockefeller Junior (during Nelson Rockefeller's Vice Presidency), Senator Edward Kennedy, former tennis star Ivan Lendl, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Dina Merrill, Cliff Robertson, Clif Taylor (inventor of G.L.M. ski training program) and many others from the political and entertainment sector. Upon his return to Canada, Bob's students included former Mayor of Toronto Art Eggleton, former Attorney General Doug Lewis and former Minister of Health Larry Grossman.



Bob with Steve Podborski, youngest & most successful member of the "Crazy Canucks" Canadian Alpine Racing Team.



Bob with Mark and Nelson Rockefeller Jr. at the Sterling Forest Ski Centre in Tuxedo, New York. Bob provided ski lessons to the Rockerfeller children during Nelson Rockefeller's Vice Presidency of the United States.

While working as a full time instructor, trainer and examiner for the Professional Ski Instructors of America Bob traveled and trained professional ski instructors throughout the United States. For the past 20 years Bob has been operating ski improvement camps in Canada, the United States as well as in many European nations including his native Poland.

While he was the owner and CEO of Medonte Mountain Ski Area in Barrie, Ontario, Bob became a weekly guest on many Canadian television programs including Citytv, CTV, Global and A. Under Bob's control, the resort went from having 200 to 5000 members in only 3 years and saw revenues increase by an incredible 400%. Some of Bob's promotions where so successful that Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Collingwood, Ontario is still using them to this day. Bob reinvested 2.5 million dollars for a new base lodge, new lifts, as well as new lighting for night skiing. Bob also increased the rental stock to over 2500 units. Medonte Mountain Ski Area became the new darling of mass media with millions of dollars in free publicity. Major fast food chains like Burger King and Wendy's Restaurants, as well as major retailers such as Sporting Life and Collegiate Sports were all participated in the mass cross promotions created by Bob. In addition, Canada's largest petroleum company, Esso also took part in the deal.

During his time as owner and CEO, Bob organized a highly successful charity event to benefit the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Major sponsors like Molson Brewing Company, Labatt Brewing Company, and Miller Brewing Company provided attractions which included free hot air balloon rides, a sky diving show which saw sky divers landing on Medonte ski hills, as well as blimps flying over the entire resort. It was the first time in their 150 year history that all three brewing companies participated in a charity event together. Sporting Life ski shops provided advertising and marketing support and brought in 25 ski equipment suppliers who displayed their products in colourful tents spread out all over Medonte Mountain hills. Some 5000 skiers came out on a Monday, regularly the slowest day of the week. Through generous pledges and donations, the event raised a massive $25,000 for the Hospital for Sick Kids. Thanks to TV, radio, and newspaper coverage, it became the ski industry's most successful fundraiser, unsurpassed till this day.



Peter Silverman of Citytv interviews Bob regarding the unprecedented success of Madonte Mountain Ski Area.



Bob presenting an honorary Medonte membership to No. 1 ranked tennis player in the world, Ivan Lendl.

After a very profitable sale of Medonte Mountain Ski Area to next door neighbour Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort, Bob founded Marketing Group of Canada, a marketing company which focused exclusively on promoting Canadian ski resorts.  His first client was Talisman Ski Resort located in Kimberley, Ontario to whom Bob introduced the popular Club Card that provided members with a 50% discount on lift tickets. Bob also created Talisman's famous "We Will Pay For Your Gas" promotion which saw every Texaco gas station across the province display large 4' x 6', 2 sided promotional posters. $10 discount lift ticket coupons for Talisman were handed out to all customers upon gas purchase. In addition, Bob was the man behind Talisman's province-wide European Vacation Giveaway which 110 retailers as well as Texaco Canada all took part in. Every Loblaw's location across Ontario participated in Bob's promotion. During the contest, each store displayed large 4' x 6', 2 sided promotional posters (50 per store) and handed out discount coupons to all customers. To launch the Loblaw's European Vacation Giveaway, Bob built a ski hill out of crushed ice at the chain's then brand new Lesley and Lakeshore location. City TV provided coverage and Bob taught skiing at Loblaw's Mountain to thousands of TV viewers across the province.

To bring skiing to Downtown Toronto apartment dwellers, Bob build a ski hill at the popular Harbourfront Centre. The promotion called "City Ski" attracted some 5 000 potential new skiers who were able to rent ski equipment, try skiing for the first time and even receive a lesson in alpine and cross country skiing right in the heart of Downtown Toronto. A celebrity race was held on the hill with dual slalom which consisted of 5 gates. TV coverage was assured, resulting in huge publicity for Talisman Mountain Ski Resort. When asked by Bob why he is spending .5 million dollars on a new base lodge, Jake Hammer, president of Talisman Mountain replied "I have to keep up with you".

After successfully launching Talisman, Bob helped the Donato family re-open Hockley Valley Ski Resort in Orangeville, Ontario. Under Bob's guidance, the resort saw a massive makeover which included new multi-million dollar triple chair lifts, rental shop, cafeteria, snow making machinery, new grooming equipment, and lights for night skiing.



Gold plated Marker Bindings awarded to Bob for his extraordinary successful marketing campaigns on behalf of Garcia Corporation, popular American distributors of Marker and Fischer skis as well as Humanic boots.

Bob's Traveling Ski Show has been held at Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, New York Coliseum, Coliseum Plaza, and Coliseum Stadium in Long Island, as well as in many colleges, universities, and shopping malls throughout New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut. The show featured a Bob's famous motorized ski deck and was a huge success, winning the Best Display Award at the New York International Ski Show. Bob and his Traveling Ski Show have been featured coast to coast on many American television programs including the Johnny Carson Show, Wonderama, New York at Noon, A.M. New York as well many other local programs throughout the USA.



Promotional poster of Bob's Travelling Ski Show.

In 1990, Bob released his very own instructional movie titled "Private Lessons: Skiing with Bob Muran". The 60 minute film produced by Simitar Entertainment highlighted the fundamentals of skiing, demonstrated by Bob himself. In 1997, Bob starred in Discovery Channel's special feature on parabolic skis. Bob has also been featured in reports by Peter Silverman, Peter Gross and many other well respected Canadian journalists. He has also appeared in many media publications including The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun and The Globe and Mail. Each year Bob is featured on OMNI Television's Polish Program "Na Luzie".



Bob's first organized ski trip to Les Arks, France in 1985.

After leaving Marketing Group of Canada to his partner Marion Parrot, Bob retired for the third time and returned to his true passion, skiing and boating. Today he is a racing coach as well as a private trainer to many high profile clients worldwide. Each year Bob holds his annual "Ski With Bob Muran" ski trip where along with a group of about 60 of his closest friends, he travels to some of the world's top ski destinations. Bob is also a Canadian Coast Guard Licensed Capitan and has been operating cruise boats for nearly 40 years. During the summer months you can find him on the "Island Princess", a highly successful family owned and operated cruise boat which has been touring the great waters of Lake Ontario and providing affordable Toronto Cruises since 1982.  For more information please visit